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I have been a math/statistics teacher for 20 years. I currently teach at a college prep school in southern California. I also coach teaching fellows for Math for America - Los Angeles chapter. I love my career, my colleagues, and my friends & family.

Possible Solutions, 2015 AP Statistics free response questions, Draft 2

Hi Colleagues!   Thanks for the edit suggestions.  Most edits were typos and cleaning up details.  Here is draft #2:  Possible Solutions 2015 AP FRQ I welcome any critiques, alternate solutions, questions or criticism.

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Possible Solutions to 2015 AP Statistics Exam questions, draft 1

Hi Colleagues!  Well, here’s my first draft of possible solutions.  You can access the questions here at AP Central. Disclaimer: I construct these as a service for both students and teachers to start discussions. There is nothing “official” about these solutions. … Continue reading

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2015 AP Statistics questions released! Stay Tuned.

Hi colleagues,  The questions were just released. You can get them here! Upon first glance, many of them seem very simple, but I can see that students will need a high level or precision in their language to give convincing, … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned: My attempts at 2015 AP Statistics Free Response solutions coming soon!

Hi Colleagues, It’s time to dust off this blog!  It’s been a VERY busy year, and most of my work / correspondence has happened off-site.  But I am looking forward to reviving my blog this summer. To get me off … Continue reading

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2014 FR questions, AP Statsitics Exam. MY REVISED first attempt at solutions.

Hi all: I just worked through the 2014 AP Statistics Free response questions, which are publicly available here.  My attempts at solutions can be found here .   Possible Free response solutions 2014 frq,  Second Draft! Those were my first attempt.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned: attempts at solutions, 2014 AP Statistics Free Response coming soon !

Hi all! this Friday, about 180,000 students will take the AP Statistics exam.  Typically,  the College Board releases Free Response questions to the public 48 hours after the administration of the exam.  As soon as I can access the questions … Continue reading

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SSAC 14: What does it take to call a strike?

Have you ever thought that umpires are a bit too willing to call strikes when the count is 3-0?  Or, perhaps, you’ve noticed that umpires rarely call strikes when the count is 0-2?  In this very clear paper,  Etan Green … Continue reading

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