Stay Tuned: My attempts at 2015 AP Statistics Free Response solutions coming soon!

Hi Colleagues,

It’s time to dust off this blog!  It’s been a VERY busy year, and most of my work / correspondence has happened off-site.  But I am looking forward to reviving my blog this summer.

To get me off to a good start, I will continue my annual tradition. I will “walk the plank” and submit a set of responses to the free response section of the 2015 AP Statistics Test.

You can see what I did in previous years: here in 2014  and here in 2013 .

A few comments:

1.  I am NOT, in any way, claiming that these solutions are exemplary. or “what the college board expects.”  I am a teacher of AP Statistcs since 1997, and these are my version of “good ” solutions.

2.  My solutions will go up about 24 hours AFTER the College board officially releases the Free Respsonse questions to the public at AP Central’s Statistics Exam Page. 

3. Please ask questions, critique, make corrections, or suggest different, better, or more interesting responses. This is intended to start dialogue.

See you soon!

About roughlynormal

I have been a math/statistics teacher for 25 years. I currently teach at an independent school in southern California. I also coach teaching fellows for Math for America - Los Angeles chapter. I love my career, my colleagues, and my friends & family.
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4 Responses to Stay Tuned: My attempts at 2015 AP Statistics Free Response solutions coming soon!

  1. Veronica Stein says:

    Thank you!!
    When exactly should I expect your solutions for 2015 AP stat free response? (Just so that I can stop checking every 5 minutes)

  2. John Unson says:

    Thanks for these potential solutions. I agree with your answers with the following exceptions: Shouldn’t the expected value for #3d be 1.998, taking into account the conditional probs for 3 given at least 1 (0.2824) and 2 given at least 1 (0.4706) being applied to the values of 3 and 2 respectively and added to the 0.21 from 1 ATM? Also, the mechanics portion of #4 is missing the 1 minus p-hat value of 959/1000 in the calculation of the sigma value. Great to be able to compare solutions with others who have taught this course for the past 17 years!

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