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Possible Solutions, 2015 AP Statistics free response questions, Draft 2

Hi Colleagues!   Thanks for the edit suggestions.  Most edits were typos and cleaning up details.  Here is draft #2:  Possible Solutions 2015 AP FRQ I welcome any critiques, alternate solutions, questions or criticism.

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Possible Solutions to 2015 AP Statistics Exam questions, draft 1

Hi Colleagues!  Well, here’s my first draft of possible solutions.  You can access the questions here at AP Central. Disclaimer: I construct these as a service for both students and teachers to start discussions. There is nothing “official” about these solutions. … Continue reading

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2015 AP Statistics questions released! Stay Tuned.

Hi colleagues,  The questions were just released. You can get them here! Upon first glance, many of them seem very simple, but I can see that students will need a high level or precision in their language to give convincing, … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned: My attempts at 2015 AP Statistics Free Response solutions coming soon!

Hi Colleagues, It’s time to dust off this blog!  It’s been a VERY busy year, and most of my work / correspondence has happened off-site.  But I am looking forward to reviving my blog this summer. To get me off … Continue reading

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