“Statistics, Sports and School,” Part 3: beginning research

I’ve started my research for my “Statistics, Sports, and School”  course.  I’ve talked about it here  and here in the past.   Here’s a synopsis of my research so far:   

  • I have too many books/resources  to read about  on mathematics/sports,  statistics/sports designing studies,  etc…
  • I’m  “lunching”  and “networking” with as many people as possible who could be potential resources, advisors, “special guests,”  etc . I want to get  Nate Silver and Michael Lewis on my “potential speakers / mentors”  list.  … I wonder if this is possible!
  • Learning how to use R via Coursera courses and other resources.

I’d love to get involved with some other math/ statistics teachers who currently run / do Fantasy Baseball.    I want to see how feasible it would be to design/  run a “mini session”  of this in the course.  Any takers?  Let me know! 

About roughlynormal

I have been a math/statistics teacher for 25 years. I currently teach at an independent school in southern California. I also coach teaching fellows for Math for America - Los Angeles chapter. I love my career, my colleagues, and my friends & family.
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2 Responses to “Statistics, Sports and School,” Part 3: beginning research

  1. Tim Erickson says:

    This looks like a lot of fun! We’re rooting for you!

  2. Thanks Tim! Who, by the way, is the “we?” I’d love to get the word out more about this.

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