PCMI: what is it all about?

You may be hearing a lot about PCMI from me and other bloggers.  What is PCMI?  The Secondary School Teachers program at PCMI  is the deepest, most transformative professional development experience I’ve ever seen for math teachers. Seriously.  Imagine 3 weeks of doing math, reflecting on teaching math and becoming a resource for math teachers.  Plus, you get to attend sessions with top-level mathematicians (for real – we’re talking Fields Medalists).

The time I’ve spent at PCMI has changed me as a teacher.  I pursued a Masters degree in Math Ed because of my contacts at PCMI.  I’ve been able to become a better teacher in my classroom, in ways that are improving how students do.  I also  have been able to be a productive influence in my math department without having to fight, push, or irritate colleagues (maybe a bit).  Plus, I read education research as a tool to inform my teaching.  The work I did at PCMI has also allowed me to win a couple of awards for teaching. I feel PCMI was the single greatest influence on my success. It’s a game-changer.

So check out all the notes and stuff we did this year.   Ask me questions.  There are a TON of cool things.  Oh yeah:  There are notes ten years back.  Each year is different.

PCMI Alumni:  Do you agree?  Tell your story.

About roughlynormal

I have been a math/statistics teacher for 25 years. I currently teach at an independent school in southern California. I also coach teaching fellows for Math for America - Los Angeles chapter. I love my career, my colleagues, and my friends & family.
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  1. Sam C says:


    Can’t think of a better way to spend three weeks, both in terms of my development as a teacher, and in terms of pure fun. Right now I’m getting ready to meet with some of the teachers from the school I’m departing to share some of the readings and insights from the Reflecting on Practices sessions, and look forward to sharing more with my colleagues at my new school. Along with a metric boatload of specifics for my classroom, PCMI left me inspired by my peers and excited to begin another year of teaching math.

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